The emergence of SUBICSHA

The genesis of Subicsha Producer Company took a shape with the enactment of SGSY in 1999, a predecessor of all the earlier self employment programmes in India. It began in 2000 when Perambra Block Panchayath under the presidency of Mr. Kunhammad Master started coconut value addition process to give sustainable business to women SHGs in the Block. Good Coconut Programme was started with one coconut drier having capacity of 1000 coconuts per day, with the involvement of one SHG group having membership of 10 women.

Subicsha became an instant hit by mobilizing rural women and bringing value added coconut products to the markets. It accelerated the women empowerment by helping them bring home better income. The programme was successful but inadequate to reach the large number of SHGs and convert all the coconut into products. A feasibility study was conducted with the support of IIM Kozhikode to extend the coverage of programme and explore additional ventures. The proposal was accepted by the Ministry of Rural Development under special SGSY project in 2002 and it was implemented in 2003 with its extension to 700 SHGs. In order to transfer the 700 SHGs into a large business collective to boost up standardization in production packing and marketing. As a result Subicsha was transformed into Subicsha Producer Company in 2005 with an initial membership of 5000 women from 522 groups. The aim of the proejct is to auguement the livelihood of 7000 families organized in 700 women SHGs in 68 wards of the 7 grama panchayaths.

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Poverty alleviation through women empowerment and sustainable growth and business development.


Be the leading catalyst in society bringing social change by uplifting women and assuring woman participation. Delivering high quality products to the customers and helps rural families earn their livelihood.


  • To create micro economic enterprises.
  • To eradicate poverty.
  • To generate employment opportunities for BPL families.
  • To empower women self help groups by intensive training and financial assistance for starting self employment ventures.


The unique featureof SUBICSHA is its organizational structure. The workers, supervisors, specialists, managers are shareholders of the company. Being a federation of SHGs, and share holders themselves being the employees, there is no employee employer classification. As the entrepreneurs themselves manufacture the product, inspect, pack and market, the need for close supervision is not much significant.

Like corporate establishment, the company has implemented departmentalization and functional relationship in the company in a highly successful manner. Board of Directors, Resource Counsellors and Preraks look after the managerial functions. They are all part of SHGs.

A Handhold from Kudumbasree State Mission

Kudumbashree Mission took up Subicsha Coconut Producer Company. From now, Subicsha Coconut Producer Company would be working under the leadership of Kudumbashree Mission. Shri. T.P Ramakrishnan, Minister for Labour and Excise, Government of Kerala inaugurated the Annual General Body Meeting of Subicsha Coconut Producer Company at Subicsha Head Office, Chalikkara, Perambra, Kozhikode on 24 September 2018. Shri. S. Harikishore, Executive Director, Kudumbashree Mission made the official declaration of taking up the Subicsha Coconut Producer Company. Shri. T.P Ramakrishnan, Minister launched the ISO 9001-2015, ISO 22000-2005 certificates of the company and also the rebranded Subicsha Coconut Oil which would be exported to foreign countries soon.

Subicsha, the innovative Coconut based value added products venture, was developed jointly by Perambra Block Panchayath and Indian Institute of Management, Kozhikode, with an aim to provide employment opportunities to the members of 588 Self Help Groups/ Kudumbasree Members in Perambra Block Panchayath. The project envisaged the development of micro enterprises that could be effectively managed by the women self help groups / Kudumbasree members from Below Poverty Line (BPL) families active in the project area. All the micro enterprises were limited to the dependence on coconut, the most abundant resource available in the area. To create micro economic enterprises, to eradicate poverty, to generate employment opportunities for BPL families, to empower women self help groups by intensive training and financial assistance for starting self employment ventures were the main objectives of the project. The detailed project report submitted to the Govt, of India was duly approved with a special status under Swarnajayanti Gram Swarojgar Yojana (SGSY) scheme. The project was officially inaugurated on 31 October 2003. Subicsha was registered as a Producer Company under the companies Act 1956 on 12 April 2005, and Govt. of Kerala approved the company vide its order No. Go(MS) No. 258/06/LSGD TVM dated 13-11-06.

Presently, around 50 innovative coconut based products are developed and marketed by the Subicsha Coconut Producer Company. Virgin coconut oil, Tender Coconut Jam, Coconut Pickle, Natural Vinegar, Chutney Powder, Mango Pickle, Lemon Pickle, Turmeric Sandal Soap, Hair Care, Skin Care Oil, Baby Oil, Coconut Oil, Tender Coconut Squash, Dates Pickle, Traditional Virgin Coconut Oil, Hand Wash, Bathroom Cleaner, Floor Cleaner, Toilet Cleaner, Chilly Powder, Corriander Powder etc are the featured products of Subicsha Coconut Producer Company. Subicsha Coconut Producer Company has around 7000 members. Rs 4,93,08,302 was company's last year's turnover.

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Subicsha, the innovative Coconut based value added products venture, was developed jointly by Perambra Block Panchayath and Indian Institute of Management, Kozhikode.

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